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Frost - French

In 1999 two friends, actress Sadie Frost and fashion designer Jemima French, set up 
the label FrostFrench.The two professional and family-focused women collaborated 
to produce an exciting and stylish range of women's clothing. 

The brands quirky and inventive designs were quickly admired and gained quite the 
celebrity following. 

Juggling the life of a working mother with a hectic lifestyle, the pair created 
collections that consisted of high fashion pieces that fulfilled a woman's desire to be 
trendy, while remaining practical too. The label gained something of a cult status, 
receiving rave reviews in British and international media. 

In 2004 the design duo received Elle Magazine's Designer of the Year award, 
reinforcing their status as a credible fashion brand. Sadie and Jemima's designs have 
been snapped up by various well-known stores such as London's Selfridges and 
Barneys of New York. 

Floozie by FrostFrench was launched in 2002 as part of the ever-expanding 
Designers at Debenhams range. Beginning as a line of lingerie.

Each collection continues to epitomise FrostFrench's ethos of fun, glamour and 

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