Designers at Debenhams

Jeff Banks


Jeff Banks has had a considerable impact on British fashion for 40 years. From the 
year he started Clobber - one of the five leading boutiques in London during the 60s, 
Banks’ fashion influence has been irrepressible. 

Clobber grew to be a multi-million pound business in the UK and US. This being a 
success he began his own design label in 1969. During the 70s he showed his 
collections in New York, London, Copenhagen, Stockholm and Dusseldorf. 
He claimed the coveted titles of British Designer of the Year, and British Retailer of 
the Year in the early 80s. 

Jeff founded both the Smirnoff Awards and Graduate Fashion Week in 1991 that 
plays host to 100 colleges and 800 students each year. In 1996 Jeff conceived and 
launched The Clothes Show which regularly boasted an audience in excess of nine 
million in Britain and 150 million on the BBC's World Service and revolutionized the 
way fashion was presented on television. 

Jeff's latest addition to his Debenhams range was a return to the ultimate male basic 
- the white shirt. He designed eight variations of this staple item and produced 
excellent end results. 

Jeff has designed a suiting range for Debenhams, Stvdio by Jeff Banks and Jeff Banks 
London, and has also created a range of home products exclusive to Debenhams. 
The concept breaks down into three styles: classic, modern and global - each with a 
different design of handwriting. His innovative designs and ideas means each 
collection continues to be spectacular. 

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